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Golden Browser 0.15 Ironwolf 6

Whether you're using the Web to read email, news or sports reports, shop online, listen to music or stream videos, or share your images and photos with friends, family or co-workers, Golden Browser makes it easy, exciting and fun.

From the end user simply searching the web for content, to the IT administrator implementing and maintaining a broad set of Internet technologies, to the web developer creating rich web content, Golden Browser gives you the freedom to experience the best of Internet.

How to download and install
Select your architecture and enjoy Golden Browser!

Download 32-bit version (9.7MB) Download 64-bit version (13.6MB)

Golden Browser Ironwolf 6 is the latest version of GBXNE core technologies. Golden Browser provides a private, reliable and flexible browsing experience and the freedom to experience the best of the Internet for users of Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows® Millennium Edition (Windows Me), Windows® 98 Second Edition, and Windows® 2000 Service Pack 3. The total download size for a typical installation is approximately 8 megabytes (MB) for the 32-bit version and approximately 12 megabytes (MB) for the 64-bit version.