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Golden Browser works faster to save you time. From API features like audio, video, and geolocation to enhanced console and notification features, Golden Browser is simply easier to use. New features in Golden Browser Ironwolf 6, such as geolocation and Web Workers; The GBXNE sdk gives developers more options than ever before. More information about Golden Browser functions:

Adapted Windows Style

Golden Browser adapts to the appearance of your version of Windows, the Luna theme for Windows XP, the Classic theme for Windows 98, and the Longhorn theme for Windows Vista.

Great for Corporations and Business

Golden Browser is best for corporations and businesses, it works with ActiveX technologies and other emerging or legacy technologies. Also, don't spend your money on updating Windows or changing your equipment.

The Ironwolf is not a blue "e"

Golden Browser was modified to run faster than Internet Explorer on old and current computers, with technologies such as Web Workers.
So the meme is over!

The Ironwolf is not a RAM eater

Golden Browser Ironwolf 5 added a garbage collector, which achieves low RAM consumption, lower than its previous versions, even less than IE5 and IE6. Consuming an average of 4 MB of RAM per tab.

Great for laptops and mobiles

Take your laptop everywhere. Golden Browser works better than other browsers on laptops, with low battery consumption and superior performance, in addition to being able to be located with the Geolocation API wherever you are.

Compatible with Windows Update

Golden Browser improves the experience with Windows Update, especially with Windows Update v3.1, v4 and v5 thanks to its adaptation. You no longer need WUApp or Minitool.

The most customizable browser

Golden Browser is currently the most customizable browser, you can change the theme according to the aesthetics of your operating system, in addition to being able to install add-ons.